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Madrock Advisors Real Estate Advisory

With growing frequency, small business opportunities are driven by sound real estate strategies. At Madrock Advisors, we have worked with numerous clients to identify and implement real estate investment and ownership opportunities. Specifically, we help our clients:


  • Assess and analyze commercial office space lease; buy and renovate; and land purchase and building opportunities

  • Manage all aspects of the buy and/or build development process

  • Interface with regulatory officials and third-party diligence vendors on critical decision paths

  • Optimize short-term and long-term project financing

  • Structure investments in, and divestitures of, minority real estate interests  

               Business & Legal Solutions                    Financial Advisory Services                      Sale & Acquisition Representation                   

Madrock Advisors Business & Legal Solutions
Madrock Advisors Financial Advisory Services
Madrock Advisors Sale & Acquisition Representation



               Without Madrock Advisors, our property acquisition would not have been possible. Matt guided us from the tricky initial negotiations through to a crystal clean closing with deft and confidence."    


Nathan Bearman, Co-Owner, FurnitureLab

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