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Madrock Advisors Sale & Acquisition Representation

With over 25 years of experience in buying, selling and financing the purchase of independent businesses ranging in size from $1 million to over $100 million, we are well versed in all aspects of buyer and seller-side focused transactions.  Our representative services include:


  • Assessing a client’s readiness to undertake an acquisition or disposition strategy

  • Identifying and vetting potential targets and/or acquirers

  • Assessing appropriate valuation metrics based on company’s size, industry, performance, etc.

  • Preparing and reviewing due diligence materials

  • Negotiating and structuring transaction deal points

  • Drafting legal documentation including asset or stock purchase and sale agreements, seller promissory notes, employment agreements, and covenants not to compete

  • Managing the sale and acquisition process through closing and integration 

 Business & Legal Solutions                        Financial Advisory Services                        Real Estate Advisory

Madrock Advisors Business & Legal Solutions
Madrock Advisors Financial Advisory Services
Madrock Advisors Real Estate Advisory



               Matt has been my go to advisor and legal counsel for multiple acquisitions. With small and mid-size deals, Matt can do it all better and faster than anyone. He has deep experience that he brings to the table, and he takes the time to understand my business objectives so that those remain paramount during the negotiations." 

Ari Medoff, Owner & CEO, Nurse Care of North Caroliona

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