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Madrock Advisors exceeded our expectations.  Matt Springer was able to build on multiple facets of the business and help us strategically advance our 30 year old company to the next level.  Matt’s many prior corporate experiences and network of relationships were invaluable to help Crocodile Creek accelerate our growth.

Steve Brown

CEO, Crocodile Creek

Madrock Advisors helped refine our business model and enable our 5 year old business to grow in size and revenue.  We were able to redefine our corporate structure with partner renegotiations, establish concrete protocols for hiring new partners and personnel, and negotiate the purchase of a building while obtaining excellent financing.  We had put off these changes for years given our fears of cost and complexity, but Matt Springer shepherded us through our growth at a very reasonable rate and in a way that made everyone feel comfortable and confident.   We recommend Madrock Advisors as an outstanding combination of business and legal services to help start or grow any business.  

Kevin Kahn, MD

Practice Director, Carolina Headache Institute

Working with Matt Springer has been a wonderful asset for our company.  We started our relationship with him during the Great Recession at a time when we needed significant support and guidance.  It was very helpful to have someone from “the outside” with a cool head and a rational perspective to talk to in trying times.  Matt helped us evaluate our workplace environment; successfully navigate and manage our banking and vendor relationships; and strategically bring in new capital.  Using his experience and insight, he helped us develop goals and strategies for not only surviving, but moving into the future.  Matt’s broad range of expertise and extensive experience has made him a valuable partner for us.

Terry Basnight Hamlet

President & Owner, S.H. Basnight & Sons

Madrock Advisors provided invaluable assistance in the development and maturation of LIFE Skills Foundation. They provided sound advice and concrete assistance in developing our Board, including linking us to new members and helping us with strategic planning for organizational growth. As well, Madrock Advisors were critical partners in our successful capital campaign and development plan. Throughout our work with them, they provided both high level strategy advising to our Board as well as individual executive coaching. LIFE Skills Foundation owes a lot of its current financial/programmatic success and organizational maturity to Madrock Advisors.  

Alex Protzman

Executive Director, LIFE Skills Foundation

Within a matter of months Matt was skillful and efficient in achieving my nearly impossible goals of restructuring all of my bank loans, selling both my nationwide core company and 23,000 square foot commercial property. It was a complex puzzle that involved negotiations with my bank to restructure the mortgage loan for one company and the working capital loans for another; but Matt's experience brought about an advantageous bank settlement in short order. Matt also found the buyer for my building and negotiated a successful sale within tight time constraints. And, to top it all off, he worked diligently with two competing bidders for my core company and closed the deal that was most favorable to me.

Janet Boudreau

Former Owner & CEO, Intab

Madrock Advisors is a one-stop shop for the small entrepreneur with big ambitions.  Matt came in, quickly assessed the situation, worked with us to develop a 3-year plan, and made sure we had all the pieces in place to make it happen. Matt's advice and counsel to me has been invaluable!   

Linda Leikin

CEO, Pulse Health & Wellness

We engaged Matt at the beginning of the most substantial period of growth and change in our company's history.  He helped close $2m in capital debt and guided us through a $25m venture capital funding close.  Matt is a steady hand in high seas.

Gart Davis

Co-Founder & CEO, Spoonflower

Matt has been my go to advisor and legal counsel for multiple acquisitions. With small and mid-size deals, Matt can do it all better and faster than anyone. He has deep experience that he brings to the table, and he takes the time to understand my business objectives so that those remain paramount during the negotiations. 


In addition, Matt is the type of person who will always go the extra mile for a client or a friend. Most clients end up as friends because Matt is constantly looking for ways to help others -- this unusual quality is apparent to anyone who meets Matt. He loves to connect people within his vast network. He shows up to support his friends. He thinks carefully about how to help others give back to the community. 

Ari Medoff

Owner and CEO, Nurse Care of North Carolina

Without Madrock Advisors, our property acquisition would not have been possible.  Matt guided us from the tricky initial negotiations through to a crystal clean closing with deft and confidence.  

Nathan Bearman

Co-Owner, FurnitureLab

Matt Springer of Madrock Advisors has served Symphony on several occasions with great competency and superb results. In these days of single competency experts, it is a real pleasure to work with such a broadly-based expert as Matt. Not only does he have access to numerous financial resources with creative structures, but his grasp of the legal and accounting issues related to financial transactions is second to none.

Add to these two capabilities, Matt is the best negotiator I know. We feel extremely confident placing our interests in Matt’s hands, knowing that he will bring home the best deal possible.

Eric Fichtner

President, Symphony Technology Solutions

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